VLAIO industry 4.0 pilot projects at Advanced Engineering

Smart Connectivity

Locating drones, mobile units or employees to within a few centimetres? This industry 4.0 pilot project offers the solution!


Collaborative work cell 4.0

How to integrate cobots, digital work instructions, light projection systems and stress measurements in one workplace. So that's how!


Operator support

Operator support keeps manufacturing companies competitive in a world of increasingly complex production processes and a scarce supply of technically skilled personnel.


Digital servitization

Product manufacturers want to offer digital services, but often do not know where to start. Finally, they have somewhere to go!


Innovative cybersecurity for industry 4.0

The more data and connected machines circulate in your company, the greater the risk of cybercrime. Here you'll discover everything there is to know about cybersecurity for industrial companies. Including the latest trends based on artificial intelligence!

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ConstructionSite Vision

What if, thanks to virtual and augmented reality, construction workers have the right data at all times? This testing ground makes construction companies dream!

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T2 voor Industrie 4.0

Dé uitdaging voor bedrijven op weg naar industrie 4.0 is dat ze moeten beschikken over personeel met de nodige skills en competenties. En laat dat nu net zijn waarop deze proeftuin inzet!


Innovatieve cyberbeveiliging voor industrie 4.0

Hoe meer data en geconnecteerde machines er in je bedrijf circuleren, hoe groter het risico op cybercriminaliteit. hier ontdek je alles op het vlak van cyberbeveiliging voor industriële bedrijven. Inclusief de laatste nieuwe trends op basis van artificiële intelligentie!

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ConstructionSite Vision

Wat als bouwvakkers dankzij virtual en augmented reality op elk moment over de juiste data beschikken? Deze proeftuin doet bouwbedrijven dromen!

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AR/MR in lab and process environments

Employees find it increasingly difficult in complex and constantly changing lab and process environments. With smart applications based on augmented and mixed reality, they still keep all the strings in hand!


Conditional and predictive maintenance & industrial data space

Industriële machines vormen een waardevolle, maar vaak nog onontgonnen bron van data. Deze proeftuin laat zien hoe je data capteert met het oog op conditioneel of zelfs predictief onderhoud. Daarna ligt de weg open naar verdere digitalisering!

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Training 4.0

Innovative learning methods help companies in the chemical, plastics and process industries to find and retain employees with the right competencies and skills. A must on the way to industry 4.0!

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