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24 – 25 may 2023 Antwerp Expo

Things are moving fast in the Belgian manufacturing industry. Even before the market reveals a need, brand-new developments have become established. What do you have to bet on? Which innovations are permanent? Get the answers at Advanced Engineering in a renewed Antwerp Expo on 24 and 25 May 2023. You will find out exactly which cart you need to jump on, which trends are on the way and how the most current issues regarding product development are being answered. Do you want to keep your products future proof as well? Don’t miss this inspiring & connecting event!





Scope: The entire product development process

Innovation is apparent at every level of production development. The entire gamut is covered: demand, ideas, concepts, designs, choice of materials, prototyping, testing, high-end electronics and connectivity. What is more: innovations have a cross-sectorial effect. All possible production processes have an impact on each other and therefore raise the bar ever higher. 142 exhibitors/experts will gladly help you with your issues.

Our speakers

Advanced Engineering is the place to stay up-to-date and to network between the smart set of innovative product development in Belgium. Some of our well-known speakers…

Ervaren, leren, inspireren – De exerience zones

  • VR/AR  Zone van XR Valley voor toptechnologie anno 2022, gesponsord door HP & Silverdraft met demo’s, content en commerciële partners
  • Vlaio demo’s werkbaar werk – voel de meerwaarde van intensieve partnerschappen binnen industrie 4.0
  • AI Hub – door The Beacon & Vlaams AI Onderzoeksprogramma – bouw een strategie rond artificiële intelligentie met partners en demo’s
  • KU Leuven brengt 5 innovatieve, ondernemende en hoogtechnologische studententeams samen met demo’s op de beurs
  • 3D-geprint gadget voor elke bezoeker
Voor afwezigen wordt ongelijk wellicht het laatste van hun zorgen: deze trein wil je gewoonweg niet missen!

Our strategic partners:

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