Le firmware IOT est désormais également disponible pour Ethercat et Modbus TCP.
Hilscher Gesellschaft für Systemautomation mbH

IOT-oplossingsfirmware nu ook beschikbaar voor Ethercat en Modbus TCP.

Combineer Real-Time Ethernet-protokollen met IoT-protokollen OPC UA Server en MQTT Client



Loadable Firmware for RTE and OPC UA-Server + MQTT-Client
• Ready to use firmware
• Precertified protocol stack
• Socket Interface and RAW Ethernet channel
• Web server
• OPC UA server and MQTT Pub/Sub
• Graphic IoT configuration software

IOT solution firmware now also available for Ethercat and Modbus TCP.

Combine Real-Time Ethernet protocols with IoT
Protocols OPC UA Server and MQTT Client
→ Enable
→ Asset Management
→ Condition Monitoring
→ Diagnostics
→ Extended Configuration & Parameterization
→ Visualization
→ Predictive Maintenance
→ Real time and IoT data transfer over the same network cable
→ Fast time to market, low entry barrier, due to abstract data object model
→ Easy to use Graphical User Interface for OPC UA information model design
→ Seamless integration into Hilscher netFIELD IoT Solutions


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