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14:00-14:30 – Novel robust motor e-fluid cooling concepts

Presented by Stephan Schlimpert (Flanders Make), Michael Gahagan (Lubrizol)

The advancement of next-gen electric vehicles demands compact, efficient, and cost-effective drive-trains. These smaller units, operating at equivalent power levels, require enhanced cooling for heat dissipation. Recent studies showed the high potential of oil cooled inverter and direct oil jet cooled motor windings as one of the most promising cooling solution. Challenges include ensuring compatibility between oils and materials to prevent motor failures. Flanders Make and Lubrizol collaborated to develop a systematic methodology, resulting in guidelines and degradation datasets to mitigate early design failures. Lubrizol’s e-fluid EVOGEN is identified as compatible with various powertrain components, making it ideal for high-performance single e-fluid powertrains.

14:30-15:00 – Sustainable building control

Presented by Filip Jorissen (Builtwins), Joris Gillis (FlandersMake@KULeuven)

Builtwins, a Flemish start-up, revolutionizes indoor climate control in buildings, prioritizing energy efficiency and occupant comfort. Using physics-based digital twins and Modelica language, it develops precise model predictive controllers. It aids founders by simplifying nonlinear constrained optimization. This tool enables domain experts to focus on value creation, confident in optimizing complex building models efficiently. Builtwins’ solutions ensure sustainable, healthy workspaces, transitioning from academic research to practical application with the tool’s support.

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