Flanders Make: PRODUCTION

Praktische informatie

15:30-16:00 – Technology for workable work

Presented by Raf Vrancken (Flanders Make) & Ezra Dessers (HIVA)

Workable work promotes healthy, enjoyable employment with opportunities for growth and work-life balance, benefiting both employees and companies. It enhances motivation, well-being, and openness to new experiences while reducing illness. Our Living Lab explores how technology can enhance workability. Robots can handle strenuous tasks, smart glasses aid production, yet innovation also reshapes job organization. In Flanders, achieving workable work remains a challenge, leading to sick leave and burnouts. Join us to explore how new technologies and smarter work practices can address these challenges and foster workability.

16:00-16:30 – AugmentX: Advancing ergonomics and augmentation technologies

Presented by Ilias El Makrini (FlandersMake@VUB)

AugmentX leads in ergonomic assessment and technology advancement, offering holistic labor evaluation through fixed labs and mobile units. From equipment rental to detailed reporting, AugmentX equips companies for operational optimization. With over 15 exoskeletons for rent, workshops, and qualitative/quantitative assessments, informed decisions on exoskeleton integration are made easier. AugmentX also facilitates cobot introduction in industries, developing use cases with grippers, sensors, and software.

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