Praktische informatie

15:30-16:00 – Lean implementation of the Machine Engineering Process

Presented by Koen Laurijssen (Flanders Make), Dries Paulussen (Nedschroef)

In the past decade, NedSchroef Machinery (NSM) has integrated numerous new technologies into its cold form machinery, necessitating a multi-disciplinary engineering approach. To capitalize on NSM’s knowledge base while managing this complexity, they developed an Engineering Process. Collaborating with FM, they devised a Machine Engineering Process featuring stage gates to monitor project maturity across different aspects. Additionally, they aimed to enhance re-use of technical results, utilize project outcomes for training, ensure quality across projects, and implement a model-based approach for product families. This journey demonstrates NSM’s endeavor to balance rigorous methods with agile practices effectively.

16:00-16:30 – Absolute Cycling

Presented by Harm Giesen (Absolute Cycling), Kurt Geebelen (Flanders Make) & Erwin Rademaekers (Flanders Make)

AbsoluteCycling One simplifies cycling experience by eliminating extra sensors, ensuring easy installation and usability. Integrated with GNSS, accelerometers, and other sensors, its sensor fusion algorithm, developed with Flanders Make, provides comprehensive data like speed, position, and slope. This robust system guarantees uninterrupted performance, even in challenging conditions when GNSS signal is lost. Cyclists benefit from a streamlined setup, enabling focused training without distractions, thanks to AbsoluteCycling One’s intuitive design and reliable functionality.

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