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15:30-16:00 – Enhanced reliability of cyber-physical systems: Precision through mutation testing

Presented by Kevin Vandenbroucke (Duco) Serge De Meyer (FlandersMake@UAntwerpen)

Research on mutation testing of Simulink models enhances test quality for safety-critical systems, addressing testing process weaknesses. The tool MUT4SLX, developed with an industrial partner, reliably measures test quality, aiding in system reliability. Partner companies successfully improved test quality, ensuring system safety. 

16:00-16:30 – Keeping manufacturability under control for a diverse product range: the powder metallurgy usecase of Tenneco

Presented by Tenneco (speaker TBD), Philip Eyckens (Flanders Make)

Tenneco develops vehicle suspension systems using powder metallurgy for key metal components. CAD designs must meet specific geometric constraints for optimal sintering. With a growing product range, checking and adjusting CAD designs becomes more time-consuming and error-prone. Tenneco presents an intuitive, automated workflow integrating process knowledge formalization (Knowledge Formalization Editor) and CAD design assistance (CAMECAD tool). This solution improves design quality, reduces iterations for experienced engineers, accelerates learning for juniors, and preserves process expertise. Implemented in the sinter department, it enhances production readiness and sustainability by managing and refining process knowledge independently.

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