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NCAB Group Benelux is an integrated supplier of high quality printed circuit boards. Producing printed circuit boards on time with zero defects is our everyday challenge, before, during and even after, the complex production process starts. It’s our mission that you can concentrate on your core business which might not be sourcing, procuring, negotiating and assuring the quality of your PCB’s at the best lead time and cost. Identifying the pitfalls before they occur is just one part of our job. Working with you on solving potential design for manufacture issues is another. Should anything go wrong, we work quickly to put it right. We are accountable and have the infra- structure and commitment to solve problems. It should never be your problem when there is a problem. We want it to be ours.
We are part of NCAB Group, founded it 1993, listed on NASDAQ and local presence in 15 countries worldwide. Revenue in 2021 amounted to 375,000,000 USD. Through our extensive purchasing power and our competence in PCB production we can create optimum conditions for you. We are present both locally, at your site, and in the PCB production factories which gives us a complete process ownership and guarantees the best quality for your PCBs. All factories we use are quality assured through our own sourcing process and even though we do not own them, we ”own” what is most important: the relationship with the factory. As a result, we are not reliant on technologies and investment. These factors make us believe that we can offer you PCBs on time with zero defects and at the lowest total cost.





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