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Faktion is an AI-services and solution provider with a unique capability to develop productized AI applications, demonstrated in our two enterprise graded spin-offs. We combine industry experience, machine learning and software engineering expertise to build delightful solutions for your business users. We’ve been fortunate enough to work with top-tier clients in various industries, thus developing a deep expertise in AI/ML. In addition to our engineering projects, we provide long-term consultants to integrate in your team, depending on your specific needs. We have expertise in NLP, computer vision, time series analysis & forecasting, software engineering.



AI Project Manager

Join Faktion, a leader in enterprise-level AI solutions. As an AI Project Manager, you’ll align project objectives with client needs, manage resources, and collaborate with machine learning experts to drive groundbreaking innovations. Your role includes identifying analytics opportunities, overseeing implementation, and ensuring successful integration into production. With a keen understanding of corporate needs, you’ll deliver robust solutions with clear ROI projections. Guiding our data team, you’ll simplify complex concepts into actionable insights and lead a skilled group of data scientists to execute projects with precision.

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AI Consulting Partner

Join Faktion, a leader in designing and developing enterprise-level AI solutions across various sectors. Our commitment to excellence revolves around our people, ensuring high-performing teams and individual AI experts. As AI recruitment experts, we impact lives by placing candidates, supporting clients, and volunteering with students. With a 91% success rate in matching the right AI consultant to projects, we believe in the power of people and partnership.

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AI Delivery Lead

Join Faktion as an AI Delivery Lead, a role within an industry-leading team designing and developing enterprise-level AI solutions across sectors. As the delivery counterpart to our AI experts, you’ll need a technical background as a data scientist or ML expert. You’ll ensure statistical and ML models translate into robust, production-grade solutions, optimizing business processes. Your drive for innovation is crucial as you collaborate with ML experts and Project Managers to deliver premium solutions, empowering clients to make data-informed decisions. In this pivotal role, you’ll advance technological frontiers and enrich peer knowledge, setting new AI benchmarks. Join us to redefine AI-driven business solutions.

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