VR/AR zone by XR Valley

Virtual & augmented reality in product engineering & product design

Avez-vous déjà pensé à intégrer la technologie de la réalité virtuelle et augmentée dans votre processus d'ingénierie ?

Venez le découvrir dans la zone VR/AR de XR Valley pendant l'Advanced Engienering !

Indepth sessions

XR dans la conception de produits le mercredi 24 mai Programme à suivre ultérieurement

Do you have VR/AR solutions to show to decision makers in the manufacturing industry? 
Join us in a zone that consists out:

A speaker stage (25 seats)
2 demo-zones with a AR/VR show
6 private meeting spots for 6 exhibitors (2 bar chair, table and tv)

Members of XR Valley get a 30% discount on the participation fee.
Only 1 meeting spot available!

Speaker Program Together with its exhibitors XR Valley will organize a 2 day program to inspire and inform decision makers on the potential of XR with proven solutions. During the program there will be speakers, demo’s and the potential to meet the exhibitors in 1o1’s. Content On the first day, May 11th, we talk about XR in Product Design targeting Product Managers & Product Designers. Like Mike Coeck from Cybernetic Walrus who will inform about ‘How you can leverage the metaverse in your business’. On the seond day, May 12th, we talk about XR in Product Engineering targeting Production Managers & Product Engineers. Among others you can expect Bert Waltniel from Rhinox to talk about ‘Why game technology will change the way we work’. A detailed speaker program will be available at the event. XR Valley Launch Event XR Valley will be officially announcing at Advanced Engineering! Join us and many other exhibitors at the XR Valley Speaker Stage for the official presentation at 17:00 on the 11th of May.
Who is XR Valley? XR Valley is a Belgian non-profit organization that aims to maximize the XR talent at work in our region by encouraging local talent not to move abroad and by attracting foreign talent. Our main objective is to drive economic growth for our region. What does XR Valley? XR Valley views XR as an essential building block for our knowledge economy. XR technology allows a digital application to interpret a user’s location, situation and intentions, thanks to technological innovations in reading a user’s environment, senses and movements (also known as AR/VR, Spatial Computing, 5G, AI and IoT). These innovations ensure that digital applications can offer highly relevant information and actions and that the user can interact with the application in a natural way. In addition, XR Valley believes that direct access to top talent and state-of-the-art XR technology can create a competitive advantage for our companies in the global marketplace. Goals To achieve its goals, XR Valley launches initiatives, organizes industry vertical committees, and supports partner locations to organize XR Valley Hubs. Events are a key component, too. XR Valley supports partnering industry vertical events to organize XR Valley Experience Zones. XR Valley plays a steering role in XR Connect Wallonia, XR Connect Vlaanderen, and XRWC.

Are you interested in participating or do you want more info? Use the form below or

contact Cedrik Haverbeke, Managing director of XR VAlley : cederik@xrvalley.be