Next Level

Build with and on artificial intelligence

Building, you not only do it more efficiently, but also cheaper with artificial intelligence. You will soon learn this during the Next Level workshop on Advanced Engineering. Will you succeed in building an ideal tower with smart cameras focused on you and your teammates? Then get to work quickly, because time is running out!
Assemble a team of three and decide who will take on which role. Think carefully about who does each task and don’t linger too much, as time is ticking. Remember to keep an eye on your budget as well. Too much money spent? Is the transporter delayed? Is the architect starting to co-build? These all cost you penalty time and precious pennies. All the more reason to come up with a plan of action. Fortunately, cameras help make your construction project a success. Tower completed? Then pause to think about what could be improved and play the game again. Try to acquire even more points and smash the previous record to the ground. Next Level is a brand new game developed by Technopolis, More Than Building, ADEB-VBA and Balloon Inc. Technopolis likes to connect young people and companies and succeeds with Next Level. By playing the game, the youngsters not only learn more about artificial intelligence, but they also experience how it can be used in a real working environment.