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Innovived - KU Leuven

Discover how Innovived 3D print with a self-developed extrusion line converts plastic waste into 3D print filament.
The extrusion line is low-budget and designed to make the filament out of cigarettes in 2019. This year we improved this line to make a 3D print filament out of any kind of plastic. The line is also modular, which means that the different parts of the line can be easily exchanged and therefore easily modified.

“From plastic waste to 3d-print filament”

Formula Electric Belgium - KU Leuven

Formula Electric Belgium will show you one of their racing cars at the show and will even give you the chance to be in one of them. Besides this unique opportunity, you will also find some demo pieces showing their latest innovations, such as cooling jacket designs using AI.
Formula Electric Belgium is a student team that designs and builds a new electric racing car every year. The project offers students a working environment in which they can further develop their technical and personal skills. During the summer months, the students take their car with them throughout Europe by participating in Formula Student competitions. Formula Student is a renowned engineering competition in which student teams from all over the world compete against each other.

“Take a seat in a Formula E car yourself!”

Flacra - KU Leuven

FLACRA (Flexible Autonomous & Cooperative Robot Applications) is a group of KU Leuven engineering students who design and develop autonomous and collaborative robots to provide innovative support in various sectors.
In addition, FLACRA wants to organize STEM-related projects that have a positive effect on education and awareness about robotics and automation. In this way the team tries to appeal to a broad audience and to emphasize the additive cooperation between humans and robots instead of the substitutional role that robots can have on the work floor.
Together with the team members, FLACRA wants to discover and develop innovative technologies, ranging from mechanical robot design to AI programming and mobile mapping.

“Robots are going to help people in their daily chores, they’re not going to take jobs.”