Start-Up Huddle 

with Matthias Browaeys @Breakfast


Book launch “Raising money for your business?
This is how you do it! – Matthias Browaeys

Gone are the days when, as an entrepreneur, you could only bank money with your home banker. A whole battery of options has emerged for businesses looking to grow: from crowdfunding and friends’ shares to business angels and investment funds.
This book guides (future) entrepreneurs through the modern financing landscape. What sources of money can you tap into? What are the strengths of all these financing channels? Are there any snags? And how do you stack the right building blocks together?
On May 25, Matthias will present this book to the general public.

Matthias Browaeys – Not your average Finance Dude

Matthias is a purebred and enthusiastic entrepreneur who gets hot from growing companies, crazy ideas & startups. As a student, he founded his first company in 2016: WinWinner, a crowdlending platform for entrepreneurs and investors. He is also well known from “Jonge Wolven,” the VTM program about young entrepreneurs with solid ambitions.
Today, as CEO, he leads WinWinner’s top team and is podcast host at Goe Bezig and KOP. And recently he can call himself author of the book “Raising money for your business? That’s how you do it!”.



Ontvangst en netwerken bij een lekker ontbijt


Boeklancering ‘Geld ophalen voor je onderneming? Dat doe je zot’ – Matthias Browaeys


Guy Van Looveren – Planticus:
Planticus is een jong Agritech bedrijf met een bewezen methode om de kwaliteit en productie van voedsel te verhogen door het combineren van unieke onderzoeksgegevens en artificiële intelligentie.


Vincent Jabobs – Cabelar:
Vincent Jacobs ontwikkelt met Cabelar een machine die zorgt voor een efficiëntere manier van kabels schoonmaken en oprollen in de event- en media sector, waardoor kostbare tijd en water worden bespaard.


Aaron Thierens – Re-Sound
Aaron Thierens zorgt met Resound voor stille en productieve werkplekken. Dit doen ze met volledig circulaire en toch effectieve akoestische producten voor vergaderzalen, kantoren en horeca.


Voorzien einde, toegang tot de beurs

Start-up Antwerp

Start-up Antwerp, an initiative of Antwerp University and Voka Antwerpen-Waasland, which brings together start-ups, various start-up initiatives and established companies in the region through monthly events.

Startup huddle

Startup Huddle is an event by startups, for startups, with the ultimate goal of inspiring and helping each other! Three founders of startups will have the opportunity to talk about their entrepreneurial story and the challenges they face from there. (The three founders will be announced soon.)
The diverse audience will then give these founders feedback, share their perspectives with them and possibly connect them with useful contacts, all with the goal of helping them move forward!