Winstar Smart Display Can Series Introduction


Winstar released an innovational new product “Winstar Smart Display Can Series”. It offers an out-of-the-box CanOpen development experience that will lower your development costs and speed your time-to-market expectations.

The CanTFT comes with standard UI objects to get customers project off the ground quickly. If customers need custom UI objects support, our engineers are here to help. Send over your contents in PNG/JPG format, Winstar will send over a new set of UI objects within 3~5 working days.

We can provide LCD/TFT to communicate reliably in a hundred feet rather inches and come with daisy chain topology capabilities. Winstar CanTFT offers IPS TFT display with wider viewing angle for option as well.

Winstar can offer almost unlimited combinations to support your user experience requirements. Being a display manufacturer, our abilities to mix-and-match different 8 ~ 12 LCDs with our CanTFT platform are limitless. The wide-temperature are designed to support control applications in harsh operating conditions such as automotive, marine, power generation and oil-and-gas.

The following points will be further explained on the website
– Smart Display CanTFT Series Basic Function.
– Why Choose CAN Bus Interface
– Speed time-to-market by using Smart Display CanTFT Series

The 5″ Smart Display CanTFT will officially be released in June.

Contact Nijkerk Electronics for more information.

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