Winstar 5″ Smart Display CAN Series TFT


The new Winstar WL0F00050000FGAAASA00 is a 5″ Smart Display_CAN series TFT which is defined as a slave device, that is controlled by master device via CAN bus command to render display content on the display screen and return touch event data with protocol objects. The display is integrated with an standard TFT module WF50FTYAGDNG0 and a 4-layers FR4 PCBA with built-in firmware. This 5″ Smart Display _CAN series TFT is an easy-to-use product which allows you to develop projects rapidly in cost-effective way. Below are the features of WL0F00050000FGAAASA00. This Smart Display can be used on multiple host (HOST) platforms. such as Computer (with USB2CAN Dongle) , MCU, Raspberry Pi (with PiCAN2). WL0F00050000FGAAASA00 modules will be available in early July, as to the demo sets will be available in late July, more details please contact us.

Features of 5″ Smart Display_CAN Series TFT can be found on the website.

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