The all new LUMINEQ water-resistant touch display


LUMINEQ is proud to release a new Water-resistant touch demo with the intention of changing any glass surface into an interactive, false activation protected water-resistant interface.

Our latest innovation has brought in a revolution in the display market, and this has raised great interest with companies already coming forward making their queries regarding the new LUMINEQ water-resistant touch display technology. The technology enables endless possibilities within the automotive and transportation industry.

Applications include:
– Digital keypads for indoor and outdoor usage
– Operating vehicle trunk
– Opening transportation vehicle doors for passengers

The new LUMINEQ touch technology has been engineered to work even in the heaviest rain and in extreme temperatures. The touch function can be tuned to work on both sides of the glass surface, or just one, based on the application requirements.

LUMINEQ has tested the new water-resistant touch technology worldwide together with world-known brands. Ongoing projects include opening train and bus passenger doors, a keypad standing in the rain for locked containers, and many more for transportation applications.

Main benefits of the new water resistant touch demo include:
– Robustness of the transparent display
– Glass-like transparency, even when laminated in glass
– The WOW factor
– Display and touch technology, all-in-one
– No additional touch layers required
– Endures the lamination process
– Fully customizable

The new technology enables manufacturers to transform any glass surface into an interactive transparent touch display. LUMINEQ displays are all fully customizable to meet unique end-product specifications. This enables endless possibilities for applications requiring digital information to be displayed on a glass surface. Our team of display experts would be happy to answer your possible questions regarding the customization of LUMINEQ displays.

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