RECOM’s open-framed SMD switching regulators for IoT and IIoT applications


In industrial settings, longevity and durability of any device is imperative for proper operation. The same holds true for power supply devices. With such stringent demands and design requirements for IIoT systems, a power supply used in Industry 4.0 applications must meet a plethora of design criteria that enable it to be effective in such complex environments. Additionally, given the low operating voltages of smart technology components, such as fast and efficient MCUs, and mid-range voltages of industrial-rated sensors and actuators, power supplies used in IIoT applications must be able to provide low-enough voltages and operate with input voltages commonly available for industrial equipment without compromising efficiencies.

RECOM RxxX series
RECOM offers 0.25 W to 240 W DC/DC board mount converters for board level power distribution, an option that can be particularly valuable in IIoT applications. The RxxX series of SMD converters offers regulated power from 0.5 W to 2 W coming in both single and dual outputs. Throughout the series, the output ranges are 3.3V – 15V. The whole series is IEC/EN/UL62368-1 certified. They are suitable for industrial automation, sensors, bus interface and test and measurement applications.

Key Features:
Industry standard pinout
Single and dual outputs
Input voltages 3.3V – 5V
Output voltages 5VDC-1VDC

Industrial automation
Test and measurement

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