Nippon Chemi-Con adds two new series to their Polymer Capacitors range


Conductive Polymer Aluminum Solid Capacitors maybe is a very long description for some simple facts.

These type of capacitors have some very specific and interesting features:
Low esr values down to 9mOhm for some series.
High ripple current values up to 5A for some series.
Excellent transient response.
Longer lifetime vs standard electrolytic capacitors.
More stable esr and capacitance values over lifetime vs standard electrolytic capacitors.

Newly added series by Nippon Chemi-Con:

PSW – Series: Suitable for power supply output smoothing.
Lead type
Rated voltage: 25V
Capacitance range : 180 to 820μF
Endurance : 105°C 5,000hours

Datasheet: al-psw-e-2020.pdf (

PMF – Series: Suitable for low profile and high CV applications.
SMD type
Rated voltage: 16, 20 and 25V
Capacitance range : 22 to 68µF
Endurance : 105°C 5,000hours
Low-profile product lineup (3mm)
Higher reflow heat resistance
Outer coating: Flame-retardant epoxy resin UL94 V-0 or equivalent

Compatible with digitalization and high frequencies of electrical equipment with superior noise absorption.

Datasheet: al-pmf-e-2020.pdf (

For more information, please contact Nijkerk Electronics.


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