New Radial Aluminum Capacitors suitable for on board charger or power supply input filter


The new Nippon ChemiCon KXQ series is focused on smoothing the PFC output of OBC (on board charging). The KXQ series makes it possible to reduce the mounting area by increasing the capacitance per unit and endurance at 105 ºC for 10,000 hours or more.
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Recommended application
・In-vehicle OBC (on board charger)
・PFC (power factor correction) circuit
・High reliability applications

Positioning of the series
The KXQ series has improved the robustness required for in-vehicle use, while achieving a smaller size and higher capacitance than the conventional KXJ series. It contributes to the significant miniaturization of equipment in applications that require the use with multiple number of capacitors.

By using the KXQ series, which has achieved high reliability and high capacitance, mounting area is 20% smaller than the conventional KXJ (Comparative example item: 450v100µF)

Technology elements and benefits
– Improved mechanical strength of aluminum foil
High-density element winding is realized by using high capacitance anode aluminum foil with improved mechanical strength. [Patented]
– Thinning and high density of separate paper
The amount of aluminum foil entangled has been improved by use thin separate paper.
– Improved lead wire connection stability

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