DLC optimizes the integrated HDMI Board Display Module for PCAP touch screens


The HDMI Board Display Module is equipped with both an HDMI interface as well as a USB connection. The HDMI interface will be used for the TFT Display and the HDMI interface for connecting the Projected capacitive touch (PCAP) / Projected capacitive touch (PCT) touch screen. This is the ideal solution when time-to-market is short or when development needs to be easy. This solution is typically applied in vendor machines like coffee machines or man machine interfaces.

More information can be found on the website about:
– Features
– Suitable Displays and Touchscreens; DLC0500AFM18HT-C-1, DLC0700BZM18HT-C-1, DLC0700CBM21HT-C-1, DLC0700XDP21HF-C-1, DLC0800CBP30HF-C-1, DLC1010ACM39HT-C-1, DLC1010BBP30HF-C-1, DLC1160BSP00HF-C-2, DLC1560BDP00HF-1.

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