Box-type metallized polyester film capacitor


The Faratronic C24 are metallized polyester film capacitors for printed circuit boards. These film capacitors are the workers on the printed circuit boards. These components will never make the difference when developing a new application, but are necessary to function properly.
Metallized polyester film capacitors meet a wide variety of electronic applications because available dielectrics have excellent electrical properties, high stability and long life. Metallized polyester film capacitors have the best volumetric efficiency of all film capacitors at moderate cost and are often selected for DC applications like by-passing, blocking, coupling and decoupling.

Our supplier Faratronic continuously improves the variety to offer more capacity in smaller pack sizes.

Fast and best selection
When developing electronics, you want to spend as little time as possible selecting the right capacitor. To achieve this it is important as an engineer to know the possibilities well. Of course we also help you as Nijkerk Electronics in selecting the right capacitor.

Faratronic C24: features, typical applications and datasheet can be found on the website.

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