24V DC UPS with integrated Li-Ion battery protects against plant downtime and data loss caused by power failures


The reliable and fail-safe DC power supply of embedded IPCs, controls, motor drives, sensors, controls, measurement devices and safety technology is of fundamental importance in networked high-tech systems worldwide and in almost all fields of application. Plant downtimes, system failures and loss of data can become risky and costly. By using intelligent DC UPS systems, this risk can be significantly minimized and the uninterruptible power supply and thus reliability is assured.

Maximum safety for 24VDC applications:
The power supply specialist Bicker Elektronik presents therefor a particularly compact and durable solution with an excellent price-performance ratio: The new DC UPS module UPSI-2406DP1 with integrated Lithium-Ion backup battery, which bridges power failures, brownouts and flicker in the 24VDC power supply. Due to optimized power electronics, DC loads of up to 100 Watt can be safely bridged.

The new 24VDC emergency power supply UPSI-2406DP1 in a robust DIN rail housing is ideally suited for long-term 24/7 continuous operation in switch cabinets and decentralized self-sufficient solutions for Industry 4.0, automation, robotics, image processing, medical and laboratory technology, transportation, process and safety technology, traffic monitoring, energy, communication, vending, payment systems / POS, and many more.

What the advantages are of Li-Ion technology over lead-acid batteries and other information can be read on the website. For more information, please contact Nijkerk Electronics.

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