10-point multi-touch for industrial environments


Mildex Optical Inc, a worldwide leader in resistive touch screen technology offers a 10-point multi-touch solution based upon proprietary resistive touch technology.

Equipped with superior optical characteristics and dedicated controller the Mildex RMTS is the number one choice for industrial, medical and military applications, where true multi-touch functionality is required in rugged and harsh environments, and where “gloved hands” or Stylus interface are essential.

The utilization ranges from MIL-notebooks to industrial HMIs and even medical applications, where isotonic liquids on the surface do not allow any capacitive solutions. With EMI micro mesh front surface a complete Faraday Cage Solution can also be achieved. This solution can replace a multitouch PCAP where using a PCAP is not applicable due to harsh EMI, EMC requirements as well as challenged PCAP performance due to conductive liquid in combination with gloves.

More information about features, specifications and controller board specifications can be found on our website.
For more information, please contact Nijkerk Electronics.

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