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Founded in 1993, headquartered in Wessem,The Netherlands, Logic Technology has become a leader in Europe’s embedded market. Our unique combination of high-quality products, support and consultancy services is most appreciated by embedded developers. It’s this All-Inclusive concept that enables developers to focus on their own key tasks; The creation of great products!

Logic Technology’s product offering includes Software Quality solutions, such as static code analysis, test automation and MISRA®-C Checkers. Logic’s Boards & Solutions specialists offer solutions such as boundary scan, computer modules and board supplies. In the field of Development Tools Logic offers a variety of ARM® & Intel® Tools, debuggers and Eclipse IDE solutions. When it concerns Software Components Logic Technology has specialist in flash device managers, file systems and UEFI BIOS & bootloaders in house. These time saving products are complemented by a strong focus on technical support, (in depth) Technology Courses, Training and Consultancy Services.

Software Quality
• Software Certification
• Coding Rules Enforcement
• Unit Testing
• Code Coverage

Boards & Solutions
• Computer On Module
• Boundary Scan Tools
• Tese & Burn-in Adapters
• Design Services

Software Components
• Flash Media Drivers
• Reliable File Systems
• Customization Services

Development Tools
• Software Suites
• Debuggers
• Performance Analyzers
• JTAG-Tools

There’s always a Logic Solution!

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