Tailor-made inkjet inks for industrial applications


Based on an advanced carrier design and on our own developed high performance dispersions ChemStream develops tailor-made inks for inkjet printing in high resolution modes.
Depending on the application we can provide our customers with water based, oil based, mild solvent based (= low volatile carrier) or curable (with UV-light) inkjet inks. We can perform in-house jetting and printing tests to finalize the ink formulations to specific process conditions like throughput, cure speed, curing system, pin curing, multi-pass, single-pass, etc. We work in close relationship with system integrators and head manufacturers to optimize the ink/head interaction. We can provide inks for the most common industrial drop on demand piezo print heads: Xaar, Toshiba Tec, Konica Minolta, Dimatix, Kyocera, etc.


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