Super Absorbing Polymers (SAPs) optimized for your application


ChemStream develops super absorbing powders with controlled water swelling potential, as well as UV-curable hydrogel formulations that provide super absorbing coatings with a controlled swelling potential after polymerization. The swelling potential of the powders and the coatings can be finetuned for a water take-up of 50 to 500 g water per g SAP, depending on the needs of the application involved. Generally these materials are used for their water-retaining capacity (ex. in diapers), for their water-blocking function (ex. in optical fibre cables), and for their controlled release capability (ex. self-healing in concrete).
To develop these superabsorbing materials ChemStream uses non-hazardous waterborne ingredients leading to highly durable products that do not harm the aquatic life.


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