Development of tailor-made AI software for integration in innovative products or processes


Since 2011 we help our customers realize new products or optimize their business processes by writing tailor-made algorithms and AI-models that are used to add advanced data analytics or some degree of (artificial) intelligence to their innovative products or to their business processes.

A few examples of realized projects:
– algorithms that are included in new healthcare products like uroflow meters with customer Minze. To extract useful information from the noisy sensor data and detect specific usage.
– software that recommends the optimal way of turning customer orders into production planning and purchases, with customer KSprofiel.
– software that recommends how to pick millions of orders in an optimal way from a warehouse, with customer Bleckmann
– software that verifies signatures and detects fraud attempts, with customer Sign2Pay
– software that predicts the maximal power that a power plant could produce in the current operating conditions, and recommends to the operators how to reach that maximum, with customer RWE.

What are the steps in setting up such a collaboration?
1) After you give us an initial high level description of your idea or challenge, we make a free-of-charge initial assessment of whether it is feasible and whether we are the right partner for you.
2) After we sign a non-disclosure agreement, you can share more information that enables us to refine our estimate of feasibility and cost
3) If the business case is attractive a more elaborate analysis is made resulting in a formal offer and contract. If applicable that contract includes a clause arranging the transfer of intellectual property to you.



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