Senior Electronics Hardware Engineer


You have a Master degree industrial engineer electronics or the like.
You have +3 years professional experience as a hardware engineer (electronics design).
You have experience with PCB design.
You master prototyping and debugging techniques to test and validate your design in an efficient manner.
You are hands-on and proactive.
You work with PCB design software like Altium Designer.
You have extensive knowledge of digital and analogue electronics.
Your design electrical diagrams.
You test your diagrams using breadboarding when possible.
You have knowledge of EMC.
You have knowledge of simulation software for electronic circuits (e.g. Spice).
You are responsible for the test and validation phase of the electronics.
You supervise the production & assembly of the electronics.
Knowledge of FPGA and VHDL is a bonus.
Knowledge of power electronics is a bonus.
Wide ranging knowledge of micro-controllers and SoCs is a bonus
Knowledge relating to reliability testing and component selection as a function of lifetime is a bonus.
You like to work in a team context with the other design departments (mechanical design, product development).
You have a sense of initiative and responsibility.
You can organize your work independently.
You take a leading role in the organisation with regard to electronics development and you advise your colleagues.
You set out the guidelines for standardizing electronics development in the organisation.

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