Innovation by Vives

In the “Innovation by vives” zone Vives University of Applied Sciences exhibits its newest innovations

Professional VR Drone-trainingssimulator

The VIVES professional VR drone training simulator offers professional drone pilots the possibility to train their procedures, (flight) skills and knowledge to carry out inspection missions of complex infrastructures in a virtual environment, without risk.
In this first development a visual inspection of wind turbines at sea was opted for. The drone inspection mission consists of photographing the 1, 2, 3 images on the wind turbines and landing them safely within the available battery time. The drone pilot can fly on direct view or using the drone camera images on the tablet to optimize depth visibility and orientation. The mission provides a competitive gaming aspect on the one hand, but also obliges the user to fully inspect and approach the infrastructure sufficiently.

Educative LEGO Haven Studio @ Havencentrum Antwerpen

Get secondary school students excited about a job in the port by having them program LEGO Mindstorms robots in port context.

  • Explore the possibilities of LEGO Mindstorms robots and the feasibility of building an educational interactive container port.
  • Designing and testing various port robots that can perform current port activities autonomously if programmed.
  • Design and testing of a fixed class set-up and a mobile variant with remote control for trade fairs and events.

AI@EDGE: Applying Artificial Intelligence on Edge devices using Deep Learning with Embedded optimizations

The goal of this project is to study the feasibility of deep learning and added value of AI in applications for low-cost embedded systems, i.e. edge devices. More specifically, we are targeting small and cheap embedded platforms, such as microcontrollers (e.g. ARM CORTEX-M or AVR ATmega) and system processors (e.g. ARM CORTEX-A as used in the Raspberry Pi or similar)..

LoRaWan: from node to application

LoRaWAN is a Long Range and Low Power technology, enabling transmission of data over multiple kilometers with a battery life of a couple of years. LoRaWAN offers a range of new opportunities as it is an open Internet of Things technology. In this research project we developed IoT applications based on LoRaWAN from node to app, to focus on integration of technology and aggregation of data.

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