About us:

Since 1969, ROMEX B.V. is a well known and respected supplier to the high-tech industry.
ROMEX specializes in the delivery of more than 8,000 high-quality products that are used in the assembly, production, installation, repair and testing of electronic products and components.

ROMEX supplies articles from well known international manufacturers and always looks for the best possible products and systems of the highest quality level.

The range includes products and tools used to prevent static discharge from highly sensitive microelectronics. In technical terms we call this ESD phenomenon “Electro Static Discharge”. In addition, Romex supplies the well-known high-quality soldering irons and soldering systems from Weller, the Mercedes among the soldering stations.
To check the printed circuit boards and electronic systems for correct functioning after production, Romex offers both the hardware and the software for complete in-circuit and / or functional test solutions and products.
Complex microelectronics must increasingly be capable of being produced completely dust-free and static-free, such as the assembly of ASML machines. ROMEX supplies complete “Cleanrooms” and everything used inside the Cleanroom, to enable safe and dust-free production and assembly.

With this ONE STOP SHOPPING model, competitive prices, fast delivery, technical support and an excellent reputation, Romex meets all the needs and high demands of customers in the electronics industry in the year 2022.





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