PEDEO Hogedrukgieterij

About us:

Pedeo is a development partner and reliable supplier of finished and assembled high-pressure die cast products in zinc and aluminium alloys. With our creative full-service approach and our ready accessibility, we are able to establish a successful partnership quickly.
Both aluminium and zinc are ideally suitable as the base materials for sustainable products because of their:
Sustainable products
– large natural stocks of ores of both materials.
– recyclability
– “near net shape” design possibilities of the high pressure die casting technique.
– all the alloys we use meet the standards of RoHS, REACH and ELV

Why choose Pedeo?
Years of expertise in high pressure die casting
Strong personal support with the design of your castings
Extremely fast time-to-market
Reliable and consistent quality
Flexibility and short delivery times
Extensive network of relialble suppliers
Respect for people and environment



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